Elevating Pain Relief with Proven Formulation

Omnicel Pro Gel stands as a beacon of scientific innovation, a product of Aishwarya HealthCare's expertise in pharmacology and an unwavering commitment to enhancing the lives of millions.

With a track record of aiding over 1 million patients in India, Omnicel Pro Gel has emerged as the nation's premier choice in the over-the-counter (OTC) pain relief category.

1 million patients
across India

Recovery in
under 1 minute
with lasting relief

The speed at which Omnicel Pro Gel addresses pain is not just a claim but a scientifically validated reality, offering swift and enduring relief. Our commitment to scientific excellence and patient well-being has made us the preferred choice in the country, reaffirming our position as a leader in the pain relief landscape.

Why Omnicel Pro is India's Top Choice for Rapid and Effective Pain Relief

Scientific Heritage

Developed under the scientific umbrella of Aishwarya HealthCare, Omnicel Pro Gel reflects a legacy of pharmacological expertise and unwavering dedication to patient-centric solutions.

Million-Patient Trust

The fact that over 1 million patients in India have chosen and benefited from Omnicel Pro Gel underscores the trust and confidence we have earned within the healthcare community.

India's Top Choice

We take pride in being India's top choice for pain relief, a recognition that fuels our commitment to continuous innovation and excellence.

Swift Onset

Omnicel Pro Gel's ability to kickstart the pain recovery process in under 1 minute is a testament to our dedication to providing fast and effective relief in the OTC category.

Aishwarya Group

Aishwarya HealthCare is a pioneering force in Indian healthcare solutions. With a rich legacy of excellence, we've been at the forefront of pharmaceutical innovation, serving the diverse needs of patients across the world. Guided by a commitment to quality and compassionate care, our research-driven approach has yielded breakthrough products that have touched the lives of millions. As stewards of health, we continue to push boundaries, ensuring access to cutting-edge treatments. At Aishwarya HealthCare, our journey is defined by a relentless pursuit of well-being, a commitment reflected in our products and the trust placed in us by healthcare professionals and patients alike.


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